nmon Analyser Version 3.4 = Just Released, Get Your Copy Today


Stephen Atkins (the Guru behind the nmon Analyser) has released a new version – two days ago.  This includes loads of improvements and some new features.  Best of all – less problems running on newer Excel releases (it works around inconsistencies with the Microsoft API).



I have always said that at least 50% of the popularity of my nmon is down to the excellent Analyser graphs. Very few people regularly see the online screen view.




Thanks again Steve, for all your many hours of hard work in your personal time on the behalf of the tens of thousands of nmon users.


  Download the new nmon Analyser version today from the nmon Analyser web page
or remember this URL   http://tinyurl.com/nmonanalyser




  Also note in the ZIP file there is the updated nmon Analyser documentation and answers to many common questions.


  If I get asked one more time: “What is a Weighted Average?”
  I might explode!    RTFM = Read The Flaming Manual.




 I ripped the below from that web page, to wet your appetite:




Version 3.4


  • Improved support for Excel 2007 and 2010

  • Support for 64-bit Windows

  • Ability to specify time values instead of interval numbers

  • Wildcard support in LIST

  • Limit the overall number of CPU, PhysicalCPU and SharedCPU sheets generated

  • Add graphs for the PCPU and SCPU sheets

  • Correct handling of the DISKRXFER sheet

  • Fix a bug with the MERGE option

  • Automatically include CPU_SUMM, DISK_SUMM and SYS_SUMM in LIST

NOTE:  V3.4 is designed for use with topas/nmon but will work with most older versions.   In case of problems analysing older files, try using V3.2.7








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  1. Hi
    Iam ex IBM , now BP
    Would you help me with the external site (or the file) to download the nmon analyzed tool?
    I have problems to find it

    Thanks in advance

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