Tip: Renaming AIX Devices

In AIX 6.1 TL6 and AIX 7.1 a new command was introduced to rename
devices in AIX, “rendev”. This makes keeping your rootvg on hdisk0
(and hdisk1) and preserving device naming consistency across VIO and
HACMP nodes simple!


rendev -l device -n newname

A few caveats for your readers:

– Renaming devices should always be done while the device is in a
“Defined” state (ie: after “rmdev -l”), it cannot be used on active
PVs in a VG or other online devices. “rendev” can do this for you,
but it is better to prepare the devices yourself.

– Renaming ethernet (entX) adapters requires either manually renaming
the enX and etX adapters, or removing them and once the entX device
has been renamed “cfgmgr” will create matching enX & etX devices.

– Renaming fiber cards (fcsX) requires all child devices be renamed
manually. This includes fcsX, fscsiX, fcnetX, and sfwcommX. Use
“rmdev -Rl fcsX” to unconfigure all the parent and child devices
into the “Defined” state, and then rename them. “cfgmgr” will not
name the child devices to match.

– I would recommend using “rendev” for renumbering like devices (ie:
ent2 -> ent11), not giving devices new name prefixes (ie: ent2 ->

– Renaming device paths that are used by other device drivers (ie:
Powerpath) may cause issues.

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