TIP: VIO Server level “lspv -free” command has been redesigned

This info was just posted today 10/5/2012 on Linked In Group “AIX and POWER System Administrators”. I’ve edited to remove most editorial comments and leave the technical facts.

VIO Server level

The command ‘lspv -free’ has been redesigned to no longer show disks which have a VGID. So in brief, any disk that has ever been used will no longer be shown as free, even if you have intentionally freed the disk, unless you specifically overwrite the VGID.  IBM claims to have done this to support knowing when a disk is in use by various types of clusters outside of the knowledge of the specific VIO server. The documentation clearly states that this option, “Lists only physical volumes that are available for use as a backing device.” However, with this new change it does not do that. IBM’s response so far is that they may have to change the documentation to match the new design of the command.

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