ALERT: AIX v6.1 TL8 SP1 missing requisite fileset – devices.pciex.151438c1.rte.

This alert comes from my mentor, fix central will fix it sooner or later…

I personally just encountered a packaging error in the AIX v6.1 TL8 SP1 package on Fix Central web site. This was just released last week.

oslevel -s will NOT return 6100-08-01-12xx after completing update_all with no errors

oslevel -rl 6100-08 returns:

/ #===> oslevel -rl 6100-08
Fileset Actual Level Recommended ML

oslevel -s returns:


Since the missing fileset update is actually part of TL7, you have to open a PMR to have them extract and send you the missing fileset update, or download the entire ML7 package just to extract the single missing fileset update.

FLRT Frequently Asked Question

Abstract: Where can one find the Fix Level Recommendation Tool for administrators of IBM Power Systems?

The Fix Level Recommendation Tool (FLRT) provides minimum recommended fix level information on key components of IBM Power Systems running the AIX and IBM i operating systems. FLRT can be useful for those who are planning to upgrade key components or for those wishing to verify the current health of a system. 

Fix Level Recommendation Tool: