ALERT: AIX v6.1 TL8 SP1 missing requisite fileset – devices.pciex.151438c1.rte.

This alert comes from my mentor, fix central will fix it sooner or later…

I personally just encountered a packaging error in the AIX v6.1 TL8 SP1 package on Fix Central web site. This was just released last week.

oslevel -s will NOT return 6100-08-01-12xx after completing update_all with no errors

oslevel -rl 6100-08 returns:

/ #===> oslevel -rl 6100-08
Fileset Actual Level Recommended ML

oslevel -s returns:


Since the missing fileset update is actually part of TL7, you have to open a PMR to have them extract and send you the missing fileset update, or download the entire ML7 package just to extract the single missing fileset update.

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