HMC/SDMC/FSM Scanner Overview – downloads system configuration, produces single Excel spreadsheet, contains configuration of servers and LPARs

HMC Scanner Overview


HMC Scanner is a Java program that uses SSH to connect to an HMC or SDMC or FSM, downloads the system configuration and produces a single Excel spreadsheet that contains the configuration of servers and LPARs. The result is a simple way to document configuration and to easily look at most important configuration parameters. In PureFlex environments, only Power Systems compute nodes are detected.
Information is organized in tabs

System summary: name, serial number, cores, memory, service processor IP for each server

LPAR Summary: list of all LPAR by serve with status, environment, version, processor mode

LPAR CPU: processor configuration of each LPAR

LPAR MEM: memory configuration of each LPAR

Physical Slots: list of all slots of each system with LPAR assignment, description, physical location and drc_index

Virtual Ethernet: network configuration of each virtual switch and each LPAR

Virtual SCSI: configuration of all virtual SCSI adapters, both client and server

VSCSI Map: devices mapped by each VIOS to partitions

Virtual Fibre: virtual fibre channel configuration of client and server with identification of physical adapter assigned

SW Cores: LPAR and virtual processor pool configuration matrix to compute the number of software licenses. Simulation of alternative scenarios is possible.

CPU Pool Usage: easy to read history of CPU usage of each system. Based on last 12 months of lslparutil data.

Sys RAM Usage: easy to read history of physical memory assignement to each LPAR. Based on last 12 months of lslparutil data.

LPAR CPU Usage: easy to read history of CPU usage of each LPAR. Based on last 12 months of lslparutil data.


The tool is constantly updated to match changes in tool syntax, to manage new data types and to add new features. If you have any problem or any suggestion to improve HMC Scanner, please send me a mail ( Since new features are mostly suggested by users, propose yours! Please always include the downloaded files to allow be proper debugging.

HMC Scanner is packaged in a single ZIP file available in the download section of this page. A sample report is included.

This tool is not officially supported by IBM. No guarantee is given or implied, and you cannot obtain help from IBM. It a personal project of the author, Federico Vagnini (IBM Italy).

See also pGraph page form the same author.

The code exploits features from other software. See text file in the ZIP file for license details.