AIX5.3 Support for POWER7+ Servers

AIX 5.3 TL12, SP8 w/Service Extension

will extend support for these Power7+:

o  IBM Power 710 server (8231-E1D)
o  IBM Power 720 server (8202-E4D)
o  IBM Power 730 server (8231-E2D)
o  IBM Power 740 server (8205-E6D)
o  IBM Power 750 server (8408-E8D)
o  IBM Power 760 server (9109-RMD)

Must have a valid AIX Software Maint Agreement (SWMA) to call IBMSERV for AIX support. No SWMA?  No support.

Also, to get AIX 5.3 support, you MUST have an Extended Service contract.

213-146 – AIX5.3 Support for p7+ Servers

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