UPDATE: Kimber’s POWER Sys Ref Docs – 10/4/2013

Kimber has updated his POWER doc collections.

For those that will always have network connections whenever needing POWER docs:


For those that are not assured of having network connectivity;  Doug Ranz has slipstreamed all the docs into standalone PDFs:

 p4:  http://www.RealityDistortionField.com/POWER4%20Install%20&%20Service%20Guides.pdf
p5:  http://www.RealityDistortionField.com/POWER5%20Sys%20Ref.pdf
p6:  http://www.RealityDistortionField.com/POWER6%20Sys%20Ref.pdf
p7:  http://www.RealityDistortionField.com/POWER7%20Sys%20Ref.pdf


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