su to NIS user fails with error 3004-503 cannot set process credentials.

Error description

su to NIS user fails with error 3004-503 cannot set
process creditials. This happens when system is upgraded
to 6.1 Tl09 SP01
Local fix
Problem summary

* Systems running the 6100-09 Technology Level with
* at the or level.
Switching to a NIS user using the ‘su’ command will fail with:  3004-503 cannot set process creditials.

This only affects customers using NIS (Network Information Service).
* Install APAR IV53944.
* Prior to fix availability, an interim fix is available from
* either
Problem conclusion

In the processing of NIS user credentials, the logic to find
stale cached records has been corrected so that the record is
not assigned an invalid pointer.
Temporary fix



APAR information  
APAR number IV53944
Reported component name AIX 610 STD EDI
Reported component ID 5765G6200
Reported release 610
Submitted date 2014-01-13
Closed date 2014-01-27
Last modified date 2014-03-28


APAR is sysrouted FROM one or more of the following:


Support Lifecycle Notice for AIX6.1 TL7 & AIX7.1 TL1

Support lifecycle notice
AIX 7.1 Technology Level 1
AIX 6.1 Technology Level 7

IBM announces the following schedules to help you plan for future upgrades to your AIX operating system. These plans are subject to change without notice.

AIX Technology Levels are supported for how to, usage, and problem identification for the entire life of the release. However, all Technology Levels have a limited support window for corrective service. If a fix is needed, you may be required to upgrade to a more current Technology Level to receive generally available fixes or interim fixes. IBM recommends you take a moment to verify your current service level. Simply run the ‘oslevel -r’ command.


EZH – Easy HMC Command Line Interface

EZH – Easy HMC Command Line Interface

EZH is a script for the IBM HMC console to provide an alternate, easier to use, command line interface for many common commands and the goal of the project is to make the HMC command line interface easier to use for day to day administration tasks.
Starting with version 0.6 it also has a interactive menu to make it even easier to use (“ezh” command)

See a video overview/demo of EZH at: