TIPS: FLRT reports now include security and HIPER data

You’ve asked for it, and IBM delivered!

FLRT continues to provide update and upgrade recommendations based on your input level, usually your current level, for Power firmware, HMC, AIX, VIOS and many more products.

Now, in addition to the recommendations, you’ll see any security or HIPER fixes that have been released ‘on top’ of those levels, including your input level.

This provides you with options. First, you will be able to see what issues reside on each level. Based on this data, and the end of service dates, you can make decisions about updating or upgrading or staying on your current level.

Here’s an example of an AIX report:


Notice that the information is provided for each APAR or security advisory, with direct links. Or, you can see the information in the easy to use Security APARs or HIPER APARs tables. These tables also list the service packs that the fixes will be released in, so you can plan accordingly.

The report also provides abstract information if you hover over the APAR or CVE number with your cursor.  This allows you to get a quick view before having to click on the link.  Very useful!

Here’s a quick example of a report you can try this with:

Here’s an example for a VIOS partition:


I hope you enjoy this new function and please let us know what you think with our feedback button or take our FLRT survey to let us know what other options you would like to see added to FLRT.


Julie Craft

FLRT architect

Austin, TX

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Adds Support for the New IBM Power7+ 710/730 (8231-E1D/E2D)

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Adds Support for the New IBM Power7+ 710/730 (8231-E1D/E2D)

May 02, 2013IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX* adds support for the new IBM Power7+ 710/730 (8321-E1D/E2D).

Please refer to the following information for support details.

Power 7+ 710/730 (8321-E1D/E2D)
AIX V6.1
AIX V7.1
PowerHA SystemMirror V6.1
PowerHA V6.1 TL 6
AIX V6.1 TL 8
PowerHA V6.1 TL 6
AIX V7.1 TL 2
PowerHA SystemMirror V7.1
PowerHA V7.1.2
AIX 6.1 TL 8
PowerHA V7.1.2
AIX V7.1 TL 2

Clients are advised to obtain the latest service updates for this support.


  • Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM) is also supported.

IBM Service can be obtained from the IBM Electronic Fix Distribution site at:

For questions or concerns, please send a note to HA Feedback at:

HA Solutions Feedback/Poughkeepsie/IBM or

* Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.


Could you please confirm if IBM PowerHA System Mirror can be configured as an active/active cluster.?

Yes, this is possible assuming you are referring to what is called mutual take-over.    

Please see the following Redbook on page 20 for the available PowerHA  cluster configurations



Many thanks to a great customer for having me add this to the blog…

We’ve recently run into this and it’s pretty much benign, but annoying.  The apar’s not new (2010), but our version of Hacmp did not have the apar in it.  Only caveat I found is that it appears this subsystem is still required for Oracle 9i (which explains why it’s not part of the standard release of hacmp).



Error description

This is a code change in RSCT to stop running the emaixos

subsystem (harmad process) in PowerHA clusters on AIX 6.1.

See APAR IZ47424 for more background.

Problem summary

While existing levels of PowerHA may still be supporting

applications which are dependent on the RSCT subsystem

“emsvcs” (haemd process), its supporting subsystem “emaixos”

(harmad process) is not needed even on those clusters.


This harmad process has also been the source of most of the

recent incompatability issues with the latest levels of

AIX 6.1, generating error messages or core dumps which demand

attention and time from system admins even though the process

itself no longer provides useful services.

Planning a two-node IBM PowerHA SystemMirror cluster: Six must-know items


Planning a two-node IBM PowerHA SystemMirror cluster: Six must-know items



1. What is PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX?

Get an overview of the IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror high-availability (HA) solution, find out what it protects and learn about its product architecture.


READ: Introduction to PowerHA


READ: IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 for AIX, chapters 1 and 2 


2. Infrastructure planning and configuration

To plan and implement a two-node PowerHA cluster, you should determine what version of PowerHA you will implement, what version of the IBM AIX® operating system will be required, how you will handle Ethernet network and storage redundancy, and lastly, how many PowerHA nodes will be in the cluster.


READ: Planning PowerHA SystemMirror, topics “Planning cluster network connectivity,” “Planning shared disk and tape devices” and “Planning shared LVM components” 


READ: IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 for AIX, chapter 3 


WATCH: PowerHA7.1 Part 2 SMIT configuration 


3. Application planning and configuration

Learn how to use Smart Assists to simplify application planning and configuration. Manual configuration is also available.


READ: Planning PowerHA SystemMirror, topics “Planning Resource Groups” and “Applications and PowerHA SystemMirror”


READ: The topic pertinent to your application to consider using Smart Assists in the information center. 


READ: IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 for AIX, chapter 6 


4. Configure the application into PowerHA

Use either SMIT or the PowerHA SystemMirror IBM Systems Director plug-in to create the PowerHA cluster, nodes, networks, resources and resource groups.


READ: IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 for AIX, chapter 5 


WATCH: Configuring a PowerHA SystemMirror V7.1 for AIX Cluster – IBM Training 


READ: Installing PowerHA SystemMirror


READ: clmgr: A Technical Reference


5. Test the configured cluster

Learn about various test plans and simulations to help you determine if PowerHA is configured and working correctly. After you have created the cluster, run the test plan, documenting behaviors and resolving problems.


READ: IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 for AIX, chapter 9 


WATCH: PowerHA7.1 Part 4 HA in action 


6. What PowerHA course is right for my environment and administering my PowerHA cluster?

For more detailed information and lab exercises, consider IBM Training. A PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX cheat sheet is also included.


WATCH: What’s new in IBM Training’s PowerHA curriculum 


READ: IBM PowerHA for AIX System Administration Training


READ: The PowerHA for AIX (formerly HACMP) cheat sheet