Support Lifecycle Notice for AIX6.1 TL7 & AIX7.1 TL1

Support lifecycle notice
AIX 7.1 Technology Level 1
AIX 6.1 Technology Level 7

IBM announces the following schedules to help you plan for future upgrades to your AIX operating system. These plans are subject to change without notice.

AIX Technology Levels are supported for how to, usage, and problem identification for the entire life of the release. However, all Technology Levels have a limited support window for corrective service. If a fix is needed, you may be required to upgrade to a more current Technology Level to receive generally available fixes or interim fixes. IBM recommends you take a moment to verify your current service level. Simply run the ‘oslevel -r’ command.


TIP: Update_All in AIX v5.3 v6.1 v7.1



What is the recommended process for upgrading to a new Technology Level or Service Pack in AIX ?


— Updating to a New Technology Level or Service Pack —
Update_All in 5.3, 6.1, and AIX 7
This document describes the recommended preparation and process when considering updating your system to a new technology level or adding a service pack to an existing technology level. In all we will review some key words and terminology, run through recommended pre-checks, discuss the update_all process using both SMIT and command line, and finally post-checks & FAQ.

Updating AIX v5.3 v6.1 v7.1 to a new Technology Level or Service Pack.pdf